EPIC (imaginary) HACK: Samsung Pays $1B Fine to Apple in 5 Cent Coins (Updated)

[Update: looks like this is a hoax that got posted on Next Ventured. Damn, I hate getting caught. Regardless, would've been a good one, no? Sorry for the mix up, but I'm going to leave this up as a funny "what if" scenario because I love anything that pits Android vs. Apple, let's face it. Thanks to @CMacQuar for the heads-up and the Snopes link that proves this is pure, yet lovely, fiction.]

Let's recap: Apple sued Samsung for patent violations due to the design of some Samsung tablets and Apple won. Much to the chagrin of designers everywhere since some of the design elements that were defended seemed to be really a little bit far reaching. And Apple was awarded $1 Billion in damages. You know, because they're really hurting for cash and no one can possibly tell their stuff apart from Android. (insert eye roll here)

Well, in what is probably one of my favourite hacks of all time, Samsung got its due delivering its payment to Apple in the form of 30 trucks hauling 5 cent coins. 5 cent coins. Love that so much. Apparently the judgment did not stipulate the form of payment, and therefore Samsung had a little fun.


[Aside: For those of you wondering how this is a "hack", you might recall that in my talk "Hacking is Mindset, Not a Skillset" I discussed that hacking was originally a term for pranks performed by MIT students. What we call hacking (breaking into computer systems), they call "cracking".]

And now, feast your eyes upon just how awesome the execution was. Can you even imagine dealing with this? LOL

(Credit: Next Ventured)

Check out the article on Next Ventured for the full story.

(Source: @marcrjgagon)

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