Excited for Red Bull Flugtag: This Saturday in Ottawa!

Hubby and I are officially on vacation starting Saturday. And we have decided that the first activity we will do is head to the Museum of Civilization for the Red Bull Flugtag.

It's going to be our first time watching it in person, although we've seen lots of videos online. And apparently hubby's a little bit excited about it because yesterday he sent me an email with actual exclamation points in it declaring that the Flugtag is to be the FIRST ACTIVITY OF OUR VACATION!!! (If you've ever met hubby, you'll know that although he's a neat guy, he's not exactly an exclamation point kind of guy. So clearly, there is some excitement here.)

[Aside: Before you head off to the Twitters to tweet @snookca and tell him his wife is writing about him in her blog today, I'd like to remind you all that Snook and I are of no relation (that we know of). And hubby's last name isn't even Snook. #imJustSaying]

If you've never heard of the Flugtag, it's an engineering competition disguised as a Red Bull ad. Or a Red Bull ad disguised as an engineering competition. Either way, the goal is to have 30 teams from across the country build huge, weird, potentially even flying contraptions and then run them off a 6 metre platform to see how far they can soar.

The kicker is that most of them don't. Which makes for a really fun spectator sport, dontchathink?

So let's review: The goal is to do this:

But for the most part, what we will see is this:

Can't wait! Yay, summer!

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