Hack A Museum! ROM Game Jam Taking Applications Till Monday!

So here's something I wish more museums were getting into: hacking!

You might have noticed that hacking has been a bit of a recurring theme of mine this year (what with the library seed banks, and my Hacking is a Mindset, Not a Skillset obsession talks, Ottawa's app contest). It's because I truly believe that bringing together people who work in an industry with un-like-minded people can generate amazing results. Which makes me a huge fan of hackfests and design jams which bring together developers and non-developers to solve problems.

And that's the idea behind the Royal Ontario Museum's Game Jam. The idea is to bring together teams of individuals to jam away at the ROM over the course of a weekend (August 9-11) to build games that animate the ROM exhibits. So that next time you visit the museum, you can gamify your tour.

I can't even begin to express how much I love it, how much I want to go and just soak in the action, and how much I wish some of our more tired local museums would look away from the Twitters long enough to figure out more innovative ways of bring excitement back to their exhibits. I hope they're paying close attention and sending people to Toronto to participate and bring home their learnings. Because this is how you breathe life back into a museum: you give it to the people and have them tell you how to make it work. And then you let them do it.

If you want to participate, you can submit your application until this coming Monday, July 15.
Pure awesome.

(Source: @chieflemonhead)

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