Kewl Design Alert: Gorgeous Blinking Solar Circuit Board Jewelry

So here's a think I never knew I wanted but once I saw it became obsessed with it and will need to ask for the next time there is a gift-related holiday upon me. *breathes*

Circuit board jewelry in fantastically fun shapes that actually lights up because it's OMFG solar-powered.

It's like someone saw into my brain, grabbed all the things I like and then waved some magically pixie faerie dust and then actually turned it into something you can wear!

Now before you start rolling your eyes, thinking, um, "I have no intention of wearing a circuit board" let me show you this:

Blinking dragonfly brooch by LumenJewelry
This brooch is gorgeously nerdy, right? Did you notice the blinky lights? Yeah, there are 16 amber lights on both wings that light up and thanks to 12 solar cells. And you can recharge it via USB just in case.

You can recharge your jewelry via USB.
(head explodes)

Just in case you're wondering about the life expectancy of the piece, LumenJewelry states:
It's also sealed in epoxy to protect it from life. Trust us, we even dropped one in a toilet to test it. No no no, not THIS one. ;)
LOL. (and, ew)

They have other designs including owls, skeletons, robots, butterflies, and trees. And even DIY kits so you can build one yourself. (A geeky rainy day project, perhaps?)

Check out all the funky designs over at LumenJewelry on Etsy.

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