Kewl Design Alert: Keep Calm and Geek On

So it was a tough week at work. Lots of deadlines stacked on top of one another and a ridiculous amount of output required to meet them. (Which is why there was no post yesterday.)

But we did it. And it completely rendered me braindead.

I had to give myself a couple of pep talks to get through it and I think this sign would have been incredibly helpful to have in my office in those particularly stressful moments.

Keep calm and geek on card by Zazzle
Truth be told, this is a card from Zazzle, but if you do a Google search for "Keep Calm and Geek On" you'll find a plethora of signs, cards and t-shirts bearing this most excellent phrase. One of them might just be the thing to get your through a particularly hectic moment at work. (I'm seriously considering adding one to the collection of sayings and signs in my office, for just that purpose :)

Geek on, friends. It's the weekend!

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