Kewl Design Alert: Star Wars Comic Book Patterned Dress is the Ultimate in Geek Chic

I don't know what it's like where you are, but the summer that everyone was lamenting would never arrive is definitely here. As evidenced by my melting self as I sat outside for a meeting at 1pm, overheating in my black pants and thin plaid shirt. Yes, I need to wear a skirt tomorrow. I'd been doing so well dressing for the weather but today's outfit was a total and utter fail.

Now, although I have my share of work-appropriate clothing, I lament that most of my nerdy stuff is weekend wear. My Threadless Ts, my conference shirts, my plaid shoes... Which is why I'm incredibly tempted by this gorgeous (and IMHO work-appropriate) Star Wars comic book patterned dress on, you guessed it, Etsy. And just in case you aren't into Star Wars (blasphemy, I know!), there's an Avengers comic-themed dress as well :)

I love how the style offsets the pure geekiness of the pattern. Hubby says he doesn't see me wearing anything like this but I think it's just too. much. fun. What about you? Would you have the guts? Or guys, would you see your nerd girl in something like this?

Made on demand by Candied Starfish.

Credit: Candied Starfish on Etsy
Le sigh. WANT.

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