Rainy Day Project: Papercraft Plants Vs Zombies

So here's the thing about rainy days: everyone just wants to play videogames all day, which is fine if we're talking about a rare rainy day but let's say it's one of those weeks where it just.won't.stop.raining. (Think way back to June, and you'll remember what I'm talking about.)

You need to get the clan un-glued from the magic box and doing something IRL. What's a nerd to do? How about papercraft? In this case, Plants vs. Zombies Papercraft. Turn that funny, addictive, little Xbox, Facebook, smartphone game into a tabletop competition.

You'll definitely need a printer for this *something I mention because we don't have one* but it should keep the idle hands occupied between the cutting, folding and then zombie-ing. But it'll be worth it. I mean, check out the pics! All of the tutorials and templates are available over on MayainPaper.

Zombies (Credit: MayainPaper)

Peashooters (Credit: MayainPaper)

(Source: Geek Craft)

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