Your Next Cast Might Be A 3-D Printed Exoskeleton Like Cortex

If you're my lone a regular reader, first of all: thank you :) Secondly, you probably know that I broke my elbow a year and a half ago during a snowboarding lesson. What you might not know is that I had two casts.

The first one (this one) barely lasted a day before it started flexing; it didn't set properly. And then the nurse who was fitting me with my sling the second time sized it too loose so the cast set in a slightly relaxed position which was passable but somewhat uncomfortable. I was able to rig up my sling to take some of the pressure off my arm and relax it enough to heal properly. Which was great because the last thing I wanted to do was head back to the hospital for a third cast in so many days.

But what if they'd just been able to print me a cast? Wouldn't that have been awesome? They could have scanned my arm (they were already manipulating me for x-rays much to my stomach's chagrin) and then printed out a cast that would be perfectly fitted to me, and that would just snap onto my arm.

And it would be structurally sound.

And, let's face it, it would look pretty amazing.
(Bonus. Right?)

Here are some incredible designs for the concept called Cortex. They're just a concept right now, but let's face it, they're just some nylon thread and a print job away. Head over to designer Jake Evill's site for more drawings.

Close-up of Cortex structure and materials (Credit: Jake Evill Design)

Cortex cast sample (Credit: Jake Evill Design)

Yup, next time I want one of these. How about you?

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