Cute Star Wars Plush Toys: The Cuddliest Toys in the Galaxy

Last week, I received the latest ThinkGeek newsletter and, naturally, I was completely taken with one of the items. (Seriously, I need to have a little talk with myself; I mean, other than the odd Christmas purchase, I find it hard to convince myself to actually purchase stuff from over the border what with all the duties and customs, and all. But I just can't unsubscribe. Let's call it research for the blog. Although we both know it's more about coveting the toys and shirts.)

Um, where was I? Right. Coveting.

Ok, here's what I saw that made me sooper dooper happy: STAR WARS PLUSHIES!!!

Don't you roll your eyes at me! These are good! Check them out:

Batch 1 - The Monsters

OMG, that has to be the happiest Rancor Monster EVAR. (Credit: ThinkGeek)

Batch 2: The Characters
Look at Chewie. He's so fluffy! (Credit: ThinkGeek)
All I can think of when I look at Chewie is this:

Right?! Which one would you choose?

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