How Would You Drink a Cup of Coffee in Space?

Because they're awesome, NASA has greated a video to explain the effects of being in low gravity using a very simple example: how would you drink a cup of coffee on the ISS?

First of all, they address the fact that you'd never get it in the cup to begin with but putting that aside, they give several explanations about fluid dynamics in low gravity.

Remember when Hadfield tried to wring out a washcloth in space? Now imagine trying to get your coffee out of a cup. Not sure I would want to float around trying to catch bubbles of hot liquid into my mouth, especially before my first cup. I'm barely that coordinated after my first coffeine of the day. LOL

This is just part of the fluid dynamics research NASA is doing. One of the astronauts has even developed a low-gravity coffee cup which permits drinking and even toasting one another on the ISS. Check it out!

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