Iron Man 3 Trailer: The 16-bit Video Game Edition

File this one under: "Some Geeks Have Way Too Much Time on Their Hands, And We Love Them For It."

One of the best things about superhero movies is that the storylines are pretty simple and straightforward. Kind of like old school video games (think: Super Mario and Space Invaders). Which is why this mashup is so great: Someone re-imagined the trailer for Iron Man 3 as a 16-bit video game. There's not a lot of info in the description, other than to say that it started as an art project.

But I think we can all agree that it boasts all the features of a good retro game:
  • Pixelated images,
  • Choppy movement,
  • 2-D perspective,
  • Simple animations,
  • MIDI soundrack.
The result is pure fun. Check it out!

(Source: Geeks Are Sexy

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