Most Bada$$ Lego Set Ever: Breaking Bad Meth Lab (Yes, you can buy it!!)

We've been watching a heck of a lot of Breaking Bad over the past month. Chatting with friends, it would seem to be one of those polarizing shows; people absolutely love it or they seem to completely loathe it. I can't figure out why. Sure, it's violent and a bit slow moving at first, but it's amazing to watch Walter White spiral into the hell that is taking over his life.

Well, if you're a fan you might be interested in getting your addicted little hands on this...

Introducing the most bada$$ Lego set ever built.
Nay, not built. Available for purchase!

The three-sided set was built by CitizenBrick and is available for only $250. According to the Internets, that's the same price as 2.5 grams of meth! And way more fun!

Obviously it's not a sanctioned set from Lego, but who cares? It's completely awesome. Can't you I can just imagine the commercials:
Hey kids! Want to cook your own meth? Introducing... the Breaking Bad Meth Lab! Now you too can be like Walter White and Jesse, popping caps and making the finest crystal in the whole U.S. of A.
Ok, ok, this isn't for the littles. I think it's proof positive that Lego isn't just for kids. Check out all the details...

Breaking Bad Lego Lab from CitizenBrick

Breaking Bad Lego Lab from CitizenBrick
Yeah, science!

(Source: The Inspiration)

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