Princess Leia Hijab Tutorial is My Favourite Thing On The Internet (This Week)

[Apologies if you caught this on Huffpost the other day, but I just had to share. Too. Much. Fun.]

So here's something different. (And yet totally predictable, coming from me.)

YouTube User Nye Armstrong posted a hijab tutorial (stay with me) that completely knocked my Star Wars loving socks off. Can you guess why? Because she geeked out her hijab to look like Leia's bun hair from Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.

Not only does she look awesome, but she's totally geekdorable. Probably one of my favourite things on the Internet right now. If you don't want to watch the whole tutorial, here are some key moments:
  • the beginning, because she shows the technique (well, I found it interesting)
  • 6:36 where you see the final product
  • 7:30 where she flashes her pink lightsaber 
  • 7:50 her Outtakes (including Liz Lemon's jury duty Leia and Help Me, Obiwan ;)
Seriously. I totally love her. Check it out:

(Source: BuzzFeed)

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