Star Wars Weather Forecast: Making Your Mornings More Fun

Weather. We're obsessed with it. It's right there outside your door when you head to work and it seems to be a point of obsession. It is the subject of so many of our conversations.

Earlier this year, I had my first (and only) significant Twitter moment in which a tweet I posted was retweeted more than 75 times. (Not huge compared to actual Twitter celebs, but more RTs than I ever had on a single post.) The topic? The weather.

[Aside: No matter what kind or what volume of geeky goodness I share with the world on a given day, a glib remark about how cold it was outside is the one that strikes a chord. Why do I even...? LOL]

So if you're going to check the weather every morning, why not change things up? Chris Pirillo tweeted a link to a site that turns this daily chore into a sooper nerdy experience: The Star Wars Weather Forecast.

Unlike the name implies, it doesn't tell you what the weather would be on a given planet, it actually tells you which planet today's weather most resembles.

19 degrees and cloudy? Sounds like Yavin 4.
-5? Must be Hoth.

The forecast even gives you helpful, if not snarky, remarks: like on the Hoth one, where it suggests that you might need to climb into a Tauntaun for warmth. :)

A much more interesting way to start the day, don't you think? Check it out!

Star Wars Weather Forecast: Hoth

(Source: @ChrisPirillo)

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