The Maker: The Dark Short Film With The Incredibly Powerful Plot

[Aside: Apologies if you caught this a year ago when it first came out. The Maker has been largely lauded in the short-film industry, but somehow it never made it onto my Internet radar until now. Let's face it though, isn't it awesome enough to be worth another look?]

This short film is only 5 minutes long it felt longer to me because it was so damned gripping.

From the dark gothic feel to the dramatic music, the whole tone of the film implied that the story (and ending) would not be expected. And so I found myself wondering how would it end? from the first moment I realized what he was making. Then, with the completely mind-boggling twist at the end, I was left with a ton of thoughts and ideas about the cycle that came before the little bunny man and after the final scene.

Yeah, I`m being vague.
Not fair, you say!
Ok, here's what I can tell you without spoiling it:
  • The animation is incredible.
  • The music is completely aligned with the story during each moment of the piece.
  • Even though the characters just blink, there is an incredible amount of emotion conveyed.
  • When you finally understand what's going on, you realize that the story is so much more vast: there is so much that has come before and so much that must continue afterwards. Or else.
Seriously, that's all you're getting out of me. Just watch it, ok?

(Source: The Maker by Zealous Creative)

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