This Friday: Party with Star Wars at the Museum of Nature

Credit: Martin Lipman © Canadian Museum of Nature
Did you know that the Museum of Nature hosts dance parties for the 19+ crowd every so often, under the name Nature Nocturne? I had absolutely no idea until my friend @cabotyu sent me a link to this month's event.

The next Nature Nocturne party is this Friday, put on as a partnership with the Canadian Aviation and Space Museum in honour of the Star Wars: Identities exhibit.

That's right: a Star Wars Dance Party. In a museum. For grown-ups!

Beyond the dancing, you can:
  • Check out the Capital City Garrison of the 501st Legion cosplayers
  • Get your hair & makeup done like your favourite Star Wars character
  • Build something at the Star Wars Lego station
  • Challenge yourself with movie-related trivia
The action starts at 9pm on Friday. Tickets are available online. Who knew Ottawa could be so darned nerdriffic?

[Aside: BTW, thinking of taking in Star Wars: Identities? Check out my (very detailed) review.]

(Source: @cabotyu)

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