Zombie Apocalypse Ad Campaign Makes Me Wonder: Does Gore Actually Sell Phones?

I recently received an email from Kindling Media, a "social influence marketing" firm. [Aside: Can we talk about their their tag for a second? The line sounds like it means "we (try to) make viral videos". It makes me think of people who put "social media guru" in their Twitter bios. Nuf sed.]

Anyway, the short message pointed me to an online campaign by Boost Mobile which features a (very trendy) zombie apocalypse story line. Basically it consists of a series of short films starring attractive people killing zombies and using cel phones at some point during the story line.

Another zombie apocalypse ad campaign. Ho hum, right?

Maybe not. I was intrigued by the following line in the email:
"Click here to watch censored version if easily offended."
Easily offended.
Not, if offended by graphic violence.
Not, prefer a version without graphic violence.
Easily offended.

They're judging you!

Now, let's be honest, these ads are clearly aimed at a very specific audience segment; one that is a fan of humourous gore and gratuitous violence.

So, of course, they totally work for me. (They're nowhere near as violent as the Saw movies, which is where I draw the line.)

But I have to admit: when it comes to these bizarre and far-fetched types of promotions, I always wonder why ad agencies are so keen to develop insane concept pieces as long-form ads. Is it just to indulge the marketing exec who says: "your job is to make us go viral"? Regardless of whether they sell more product?

Most of the time when I notice an ad campaign like this one, I remember all sorts of details about the videos or infographics themselves but I rarely, if ever, remember the company name (let alone the product name). What about you? Apart from the entertainment factor, do you think this is marketing money well spent? Would this invoke enough brand recall to make you choose Boost Mobile if you were picking a provider? Personally, I have my doubts.

Check out the videos from the campaign below (but remember: only if you aren't easily offended! ;)

Video 1: How to Stay Living in a Zombie Apocalypse

Video 2: Doing a weekly shop in a zombie apocalypse

Video 3: How to clear an office full of zombies

Video 4: Getting petrol in a zombie apocalypse

Or if you ARE easily offended, watch the censored version in which the zombie killing scenes are replaced with PUPPIES! LOL.

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