3 Reasons To Join Me At Code For Kids Blogging Workshop (Tomorrow!)

Remember last week when I told you that Code For Kids is running two new workshops on blogging and design? Well, the design workshop is sold out but there are still a few tickets left for the blogging workshop!

Now the blogging workshop is aimed at kids 7-9 and you might be wondering... isn't that a bit young for blogging? Actually, although the workshop is about blogging, it's about so much more. And I should know that because I'll be leading part of the session. :)

Here is a sneak peek at what your kids will learn:

  1. Blog basics: what is it, why they might want to start one and how to set it up 
  2. Internet security: how much information should they share online, should they comment on other blogs
  3. Intellectual property: how to respect the ownership of images, video and content they find online
While these are all important concepts, that last point is one that isn't really discussed at school and at home. At their age, 7-9 year olds are using computers at school for research and reference. Knowing how to cite sources, make factual statements and respect the ownership of others' content is an important skill kids need to have when doing homework that encourages them to research online. The Dude's first online research project was in grade 3, so this is a prime age group to introduce these themes.

So there you have it: not only will kids have exposure to blogging but also to necessary skills for using the Internet. And let's face it, whether or not they plan to sustain their blogs over time, learning to blog is a great way to get kids comfortable with the web and typing in general. 

If you don't have your ticket, I suggest you head over to Code For Kids and grab one. See you tomorrow?

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