Code For Kids is Back With 2 Workshops on Sept. 14! (Exclusive scoop ahead!)

If you've got a little geek on your hands, you'll be excited to hear that Code For Kids just released tickets for their September workshops and they're happening next weekend, Saturday Sept. 14th!

This time around, they have tailored their curriculum to suit two different age segments:
  • 7-9 year olds can learn blogging, and
  • 9-12 year old can learn design skills.
How kewl is that?

The blogging course is intended to get kids interested in typing, writing and will even set them up with their own blog before they leave the workshop! And the design course will get kids thinking about design thinking, with a little problem solving and teamwork thrown in for good measure. 

I love the new take on the workshops. If you missed the first couple of sessions, Code For Kids has covered game development in Scratch, as well as HTML and CSS. I'm a sooper huge fangirl and have been to all of their sessions. (And yes, I've signed up the Dude for all of them. In fact, he's even started his own blog as a result of the HTML course ;)

Exclusive scoop: I've got a bit part in the blogging workshop! I'll be talking with the kids about blogging including some of the lessons learned from the Dude's own blogging experience. (So excited!)

Still not sure if your kid would like Code for Kids? Check out some of my other posts about the workshops:

Then head over to the Code For Kids site to get tickets. Because as I wrote earlier this week in my piece about adding tech curriculum to schools: these are critical skills kids need sadly tech education isn't part of the core curriculum.

See you there!

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