How Do People Disappear? (In A World Filled With Tracking Technologies)

(Credit: Microsoft Clip Art)
So here's an interesting video that explores a somewhat (ok, very) dark question: In a world filled with tracking technologies and closed circuit television cameras everywhere we go, how does a person simply disappear? How is it possible to lose track of people when our every move is pretty much trackable?

Yup, this iteration of VSauce brings you 13 minutes of macabre and, yet, fascinating stories about the circumstances under which people disappear and what happens after they go missing. It's definitely the longest VSauce video I've sat through but it was worth it for the breadth of topics and all the crazy examples to explain:
  • people who disappear, 
  • premature obituaries, 
  • people switched at birth, 
  • unreported missing, 
  • "missing missing" and
  • the legalities of going missing.
At the end, it takes a sudden unexpected detour into the volume of information that is available in the world, based on the work of David Wang on the concept of "infobesity". But I'll forgive it because it ends on a high note.

Well, unless you're over 38. Then it might just drive you crazy trying to figure out which joke he's referring to. (You'll have to wait until the end of the video to find out what I'm talking about ;)


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