Kewl Design Alert: USB Water Bottle Humidifier (Because Winter Is Coming)

If you work in an office with central air conditioning and heating, then you are probably freezing your @$$ off this month at the office while the systems transition from summertime cooling to heating (which is on for the other nine months of the year).

Once that heat goes full blast, though, there's no turning back. Winter is coming. And apparently there's no humidity left in the air after October at least in any building I've ever worked in because I spend the winter months feeling like a dehydrated static machine. [Don't touch me when I'm in my chair and my feet are touching the carpet... ZAP!]

So someone ginormously brilliant came up with this:

Amazing Humidifier by Amazing Grace
In case you're wondering that is a portable humidifier that sits atop a water bottle and plugs into a USB port.

And look at the design: Pop in a filter, add a couple of drops of essence to the water if you so choose, and plug it in. Honestly, it doesn't get much simpler than that. It has an auto-shutoff feature (after 8 hours) and it's quiet. Simple, elegant and simple. Love.

Amazing Humidifier by Amazing Grace
Aside: You might have noticed that the Amazing Humidifier marketing materials are an incredible example of Engrish, that is really poor English grammar likely translated verbatim from Korean (where the company originates) using Google Translate. Including this video. However, if you can get over the captions, this gadget looks fantastic:

This little gadget runs for USD$29. You can check out the Amazing Grace website or their Facebook page for info but it seems that it's easiest to purchase via Amazon.

(Source: The Awesomer)

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