Lego Business Card Holder Might Be The Most Fun Thing In Your Office

My friend and colleague @mikehitsTheRoad sent me a note this weekend, knowing I would love to see the birthday gift his nephews bought him. And he was right! Check it out!

Lego Business Card and Holder
That, my friends, is all from one Lego kit (#850425): male and female minifigs, a business card and a card holder. I think this is one of the cutest (and practical) Lego kits I've seen.

Imagine having this in your office; anyone who walks in and sees it would comment for sure. (I can attest to the power of Lego-as-ice-breaker: the Dude made me a mini version of my cubicle and I have it on my desk. People ask me about it all the time.)

Short of working at Lego and carrying around custom Lego minifigs as business cards, I'm not sure you can find a better Lego office accessory. And it's reasonably priced too - only $15. Might make a great stocking stuffer. (Too soon?)

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