Where Was The Big Bang? (Spoiler: It Depends)

So here's an interesting little video from Minute Physics that really seems to have the greatest minds of our generation some YouTube commenters utterly confused.

You see, the title of this enlightening little video is: Where was the Big Bang? The content, however, is entirely about how the universe expands and how our point of reference could make it look like we're the centre of the universe. Check it out:

What it doesn't explicitly state is that the Big Bang was a fast (and ongoing) expansion of the universe, and that it occurred everywhere at once. So, where it started is completely beside the point because no matter where you are, you might think that the universe is expanding from there. That is, depending on your location in the universe, because it is continually expanding, you might think it's origin is exactly where you are; that you are at its centre.

The video is a bit euphemistic in its approach to the topic, and I think it does a great job. But boy, does that have the YouTubers ticked off. There are some downright funny flame wars going on in the comments. People are adamant that perspective has nothing to do with where the big bang happened.

Oh, Internets. You really need to learn how to Google.

[Aside: Incidentally, given that our location could make us all feel like the centre of the universe and yet none of us would actually be at the centre of the universe, I was really tempted to title this post:

Question: Where Was The Big Bang? Answer: You Are Not A Special Snowflake.

For those of you who missed the Fight Club reference, let me explain:]

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