Bored? Minute Physics Tells You How to Time Travel Right Now!

Here's your daily reminder: Do you have your ticket yet for UXCamp? We're into single digits, people, so you should really get on that right now!

I lurve me some Minute Physics as you know. And this video is no different. Especially since this one talks about time travel!

According to Minute Physics, there are several ways to travel through time, some of which you can do (and may be doing) right now! Of course, those are kind of boring, so they have thankfully included some more interesting time travel examples.

Here's a sample of what you'll find in this awesome video: Did you know that gravity makes time slower? So that means satellites and the space station experience time faster than we do. (*head explodes*)

[Aside: As a recurring fan of these videos, I have to tell you that I absolutely love the wormhole animation. Especially sseeing the little guy poke through the holes on the paper. :)]

Check it out!

Want more Minute Physics? Here are all the Minute Physics posts I've ever written. (Yeah, kind of a fangirl.)

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