Finally! Doodle 4 Google Comes to Canada! (Closes Dec. 31)

Doodle 4 Google Logo
I've raved before about the fun contest that is Doodle 4 Google. If you ever use the GOOG, you've probably noticed that sometimes the logo changes, usually to celebrate some event or theme that correlates to the day's date. There have been countless Doodles since Google's inception, which are visible in the Doodle gallery. [Aside: the history of the Doodle is kind of neat web folklore too.]

In case you've missed my posts about Doodle 4 Google along the way (forgivable since the last one was in 2010), Doodle for Google is:
  • an annual contest run by Google,
  • kids from Kindergarten to Grade 12 are encouraged to submit their own designs of Google's Doodle along some annual theme, 
  • prizes that usually include scholarships, some form of hardware and sometimes even money for the school district with the most entries.
And this year it's come to Canada!!!

So if you have a kid who loves to draw, have them head over to Doodle 4 Google Canada and sign up! This year's theme is: "If I could invent anything, it would be..." Kids have to incorporate the Google name into the design. And the prizes are pretty swanky:
The winning doodle will be featured on the Google Canada homepage for 24 hours. The winning student will also receive a $10,000 scholarship, a Google Chromebook, and a $10,000 grant to their current school along with a trip to Toronto to view a special exhibition of the top doodles at the Royal Ontario Museum in 2014.
Oh, and did I mention the judges?
The judging will begin with Googlers and a panel of guest judges including: astronaut and former International Space Station Commander Chris Hadfield, film & television actress Karine Vanasse, Royal Ontario Museum CEO Janet Carding, and Ann Makosinski, winner of the 2013 Google Science Fair, and a young inventor herself.
Hadfield!? Right?!

Now oddly, the blog post announcing the contest said that submissions are to be sent in via snail mail. Which I  found odd, but the "Get Started" page of the contest says that if you hold tight until Remembrance Day, online submissions will start then. Much better.

So overall, not bad, eh? I'm pretty sure the Dude's invention would be some sort of robot butler. What do you think your kids would invent?

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