Get Inspired by Going Inside the Hot Wheels Studio

Looking for a little inspiration? How about taking 3 minutes to check out this great video that looks inside the Hot Wheels design studio. The folks who work there are definitely hackers: they are innovative, always looking for new ideas, and full of fun, playful cleverness and hacking.

You know, all the things I keep telling people to infuse into their work.

Not everyone can work in an office where people vie to build the fastest toy car in the world (and fight for the title on a souped up toy track, in the face of intense competition :). But you can challenge yourself to find the fun in your work, to approach problems creatively and to hack everything that you do. (Need help with that? Check out my post: Hacking Your Way to an Agile Organization)

[Aside: BTW, Hot Wheels has a Car Maker?! Don't tell the Dude! Although he's outgrown his Hot Wheels phase, I could see it starting all over again if he knew that he could be custom building his own cars!]

(Source: The Inspiration)

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