Hey Handsomes, Movember Starts Tomorrow!

Movember 13 logo
Tomorrow is the first day of my favourite month, Movember. I have been so heads-down on UXCamp Ottawa this month (got your ticket yet?) that I almost let November 1st slip by without telling you people to get the heck over to the Movember website and sign yourselves up!

Boys, you should know the rules by now: Shave November 1st and then grow your porn stache over the month, as a catalyst for fundraising and discussion about men's health.

Now, just tonight I was chatting with a gentleman who did not realize that the Canadian Movember campaign promotes research into men's cancers as well as men's mental health. I guess that part of the message doesn't get as far reach as it should. What I'm used to answering is:

  1. How is a chick going to support Movember? By growing a stache? (My answer: by growing support for men's health :) and...
  2. How does growing a moustache save lives?

For that second one, I will let this great video provide the answer: (stats at 2:40)

Don't forget to shave tomorrow and raise some awareness (and money too!). Be sure to check out all the ways you can get involved.

- MoSista spydey

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