Learn to Wield a Light Saber at New York Jedi

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If you've always wanted to learn to properly wield a light saber, there's a campy, fun group that wants to help with that: New York Jedi is a bunch of Cosplayers who are more than happy to nerd out (and call themselves nerds in the process! ;) and teach you Stage Combat techniques so you don't look like Star Wars kid when you wield your light saber. (Ok, you might still look like Star Wars kid, but who cares? Light Saber skills!!!)
“From kids to adults” founder Flynn says, “everyone loves to dress up and become something different for a while, so ultimately we’re doing a kind of ‘Hero Building’ class.” While we can’t give you Force-like powers, we can show you how to do a handstand while balancing Yoda on your foot! And wield a light saber, of course. You can even learn how to make your own saber, any color you want!
Will they help me put it together WITH MY MIND?? (No. See above comment about the Force.)

Saber choreo classes cost $10 apiece and the content varies based on whatever performance New York Jedi is preparing to give.

They'll even teach your littles the skillz with their 5 week long SaberKids sessions. The kids' sessions don't come cheap: $360 for 10x2hr classes which is way more than any other martial arts program the Dude has ever done, but given the stage combat, the Jedi teachings, and the general *nerd* factor, I'm guessing that it must be a ton of fun. And the sessions end with a performance for family and friends. Now, I haven't been to one and I am convinced they must be the BEST. RECITALS. EVAR.

Personally, beyond the uber geek factor, I have to say that I am completely in love with their attitude. They are welcoming, friendly, and generally embracing of geek culture:
We give you the exciting option of creating your own hero, from whatever source inspires you! We just focus on the whole light saber thing, and hanging out with cool dorks, geeks, newbs, whateveh!
Now with all the bullying stories in the news and on the web, isn't that just a breath of fresh air? Light sabers, nerds and acceptance? I'm in!

Check them out in all their campy action at the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade:

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