It's Back! Countdown to Geekmas Is Less Than a Week Away

It's back, my friends. The Countdown to Geekmas!!!

If you've missed the last 2 editions, CtG is my wonderful ramp up to the Holidays showcasing the geekiest of gift ideas (if I do say so myself). That's right, I'll be showcasing a series of great gift ideas to help you put some nerd under your tree. (That sounded dirty. Sorry about that.)


You can expect round-up lists of small nerdy stocking stuffers, truly expensive and over the top gift ideas that only the 1% could afford (or maybe the Rich Kids of Instagram) and generally just darn good ideas to add to your wish list (or shopping list).

Here's a sample of previous Countdown to Geekmas ideas:

If you want more, come on back throughout the month of December and I'll help you build the dorkiest, nerdiest, geekiest wish list ever. Or fill the one from your dorkiest, nerdiest, geekiest loved one.

Either way, win!

Got an idea?

If you have any wonderfully nerdy gadgets that you might like to suggest, drop me a line! 

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