Kewl Site Alert: The Great Geek Manual's This Day in Geek History


That sad little month between Halloween and Christmas when we're all in denial about the weather getting colder, and eyeing with spite all the holiday decorations that have suddenly appeared in the stores.

So what is there to do this month to keep us distracted? Thankfully, the Internets come to the rescue!

There is a fantastic site called The Great Geek Manual that has a special section called, This Day in Geek History. They've researched every single day throughout the year to find geeky connections so we can distract ourselves from the changing weather by nerding out on milestones in geek history. Here is a sample of historical facts about today, for example:
  • November 4, 1834: patent for the first artificial leg
  • November 4, 1946: the launch of RCA's all-electronic color television 
  • November 4, 1982: IBM-compatible Compaq Portable (Specs: 4.77MHz Intel 8088 processor, 128 – 640KB RAM, a nine-inch monochrome monitor, a 320KB 5.25-inch disk drive, and either the CP/M-86 or MS-DOS operating system)
(Credit: all items listed adapted from This Day in Geek History)

I`m simply amazed by the amount of information the guide contains. According to the site bio, author pipedreamergrey explains the origin of his project:
Started almost a decade ago, “This Day in Geek History” is a recap of all the day’s historical events in the fields of computers, culture, hacking, software, and technology. The list has been researched and compiled with loving care to include most import moments that have shaped Geek culture down the centuries.
The site is simple, but focused on just giving you the goods. And it's a lot of fun to peruse.

If you need a little bit of trivia to distract you (or you want something interesting to tweet), this is a fantastic resource. The rest of the site looks abandoned since there have been no other blog updates since the summer, so who knows how long it will continue to be available. Meantime, it`s a great way to spend a lunch hour or a bus ride. Or it can even be useful to teach the kids a thing or two about geek culture.


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