Spydergrrl on the Web Receives Its 4th Nomination for a Canadian Weblog Award!

2013 Canadian Weblog Awards nominee
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Apparently, I have at least three readers.

Four years ago, a friend and avid reader heard about the Canadian Weblog Awards and nominated my blog. Since then, I've been nominated annually and as far as she is willing to admit, only two of those nominations were from her. Which means that there are two more of you out there who have, unbeknownst to me, submitted my labour of love for this lovely distinction. So, thank you my dear three readers! ;)

Who cares? What is CWA?

The Canadian Weblog Awards is a pretty neat competition: it's not one of those popularity "please-vote-for-me-once-a-day-for-the-rest-of-your-life" competitions. Nay, it has zero public voting and is adjudicated by a panel of judges. And all of the blogs are Canadian. We have a lot of talent up here.

The whole thing is the passion project of one +Elan Morgan aka @Schmutzie. This is her baby and we love her for it. The Awards have grown each year, with the total list of categories and nominations getting longer and longer. (And I'll be her workload getting bigger and bigger.) It was her vision that brought us this great showcase of blogging CanCon; I think we owe her a huge thanks for helping us discover what Canadians are writing about. As she writes on the website:
Even the best weblogs can get buried under the swathes of information that flood the internet, and the Canadian Weblog Awards are determined to bring good Canadian weblogs to light. This is why we use a panel of judges rather than the popular vote to unearth our best and brightest. The use of a judging panel that follows a specific set of criteria to evaluate the nominees helps to ensure that the winning weblogs are chosen more for their quality rather than by how many people they can mobilize to vote.

We're a talented lot, we Canadians, and we should show it off. We deserve it.

How DO They Pick Winners?

Back to the site again for the explanation:
There is no system of public voting in the Canadian Weblog Awards. The Canadian Weblog Awards are instead judged by a volunteer jury of both bloggers and blog enthusiasts using the following criteria. This way, each of the weblogs is judged by its quality, not its popularity.

The jury uses a number system to value the criteria and weight their decisions. The weblogs in each category will be judged against two divisions of elements: Design and Content. Each division's elements will be awarded 0 to 2 points — 0 if the element is poorly executed, 1 if the element is average, and 2 if it is excellent — for a possible perfect mark of 20 points.
Now, considering I have never won and I have had a pretty consistent look and feel, and my content hasn't exactly evolved that much over the life of the blog, I would venture to say that my score is likely pretty consistent year over year. So let's just hope that the quality of the competition has gone down, and maybe I've got a chance. LOL

Probably not since the list of nominees in Technology/ Internet is pretty great company:
Did you notice that second-last one? Yeah, that's @RobWoodbridge's site -- if you have been to one of the last 3 UXCamp Ottawa conferences, then you might remember him as the World's Best MC. So... yeah, tough competition. Regardless, I'm thrilled to be in such wonderful company.

The top three in each category will be declared on December 1st and then finalists will be declared on December 7th. While we wait, I suggest you go take a look at those other sites and update your RSS readers with some pretty awesome CanCon.

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