Geekmas: A Diamond Pendant For Your Minecraft Fan

So, let's say your better half is completely into all things Minecraft. And you want to show her just how much she means to you by getting her something A-MA-ZING, but your wallet is holding you back. If she's got a great sense of humour (which she must since she's clearly a geek), how about getting her a Minecraft diamond pendant?

The one you are most likely to find online is this one, currently available on Amazon and other gaming sites:

Minecraft Diamond Pendant (Credit: Amazon)

But if you get creative and head over to Etsy, they've got this one which is way kewler.

Minecraft Diamond Necklace
(Credit: PancordTeamProducts on Etsy)

Granted, this late in the game, you might be giving her a picture of her diamond pendant along with your confirmation email, but it's the thought that counts, right? On second thought, you should probably drag your butt out to a gaming shop and pick up something to put under the tree while she waits for her diamond. Maybe a Diamond Steve, to keep with the theme?

Diamond Steve (Credit: Minecraft Toys)
Mine on, nerds.

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