Geekmas: Dinosaur Christmas Lawn Ornament Is Too Cute to be Gawdy (Right?)

You know what I love? A house tastefully outlined in white Christmas lights.
You know what I really don't like? Those inflatable lawn ornaments, especially the ones that look like giant snowglobes.

Buuuuuuut, when you start with an inflatable stegosaurus and make him animatronic and add a Santa hat and a whimsical scarf... like this:

Dino Christmas Lawn Ornament from Improvements
How can you not love it!

And I mean, everyone's favourite holiday story is the one where the dinosaurs visited Baby Jesus, right? Seriously, if we had $155 to throw away spend, don't you think for a second that we wouldn't have a jaunty stegosaurus wishing all the neighbours Happy Holidays from our front lawn. Because dinos and Christmas is what the holidays are all about.

(Source: The Mary Sue)

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