Geekmas: Game of Thrones Dragon's Egg Cookie Jar

If you have a Game of Thrones fan on your list this year, then head on over to (where else) ThinkGeek and check out this completely nerdtastic Dragon's Egg Cookie Jar.

Game of Thrones Cookie Jar
Come on! Tell me you wouldn't be tempted to get (un)dressed up like Khaleesi and do your best Mother of Dragons impression with this thing! (Or is that just me?) Or you know, you could make GoT crest-shaped cookies and fill it with those, I guess. (Bo-ring)

I love this part of the description on ThinkGeek:
This green, ovoid canister looks so innocent. People not familiar with Game of Thrones might ask you why you have a huge artichoke on your counter. And at that point, you can turn on them, eyes flashing, and quietly utter the words, "How DARE you insult my dragons."
I think it might also make the perfect gift for a red wedding ;) Sadly, it's sold out but you could always buy your giftee a ThinkGeek Gift card or an IOU. Because not fulfilling your promises really goes over well with those Lannister types.

Source: Geeks Are Sexy (Yes, we are)

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