Geekmas: Keep Her Warm With A Snow Skirt

This is probably one of the more controversial gift ideas that I will have on the blog this year. And I say controversial because of the skepticism around this item's actual potential for style. And its whole WTF-ishness. I mean, snow skirt?

Credit: Toast Skirts

Yes. Snow skirt. Or more accurately, the Toast Skirt.

Essentially, a ski jacket for your legs. Now let's face it, ladies, it's fricking cold this Fall. (Winter starts next week, believe it or not.) I mean, here in Ottawa, we've got temperatures in the minuses and wind chills and snow and ice. And there is absolutely no way to wear a skirt or dress to work, without rolling it up and packing it in your bag, then changing into it when you get to the office. Especially if you're a bus commuter like me. Which is why I completely covet a snow skirt.

First of all, it's down-filled and Teflon and uber warm looking.
Secondly, it covers all the parts which means you can wear it with a shorter jacket, like a ski jacket.
And finally, it has a little pocket at the back for a heat pack so you can toast your buns!

Apparently Toast Skirts have been around for ten years and have accumulated quite a reputation on movie sets for keeping waif-thin starlets warm during shoots. Personally, I only discovered them last year but given the insane weather, I have been coveting one almost daily since the snow fell.

Sure, it's a bit of an investment, costing about as much as a warm winter coat, but something tells me they are worth it.

Now back to that controversy: I've shown the toast skirt to some of my fellow commuting friends and they have eyed it with much skepticism. "I want to see it on a real human, not some stretched out model." "Not sure if I trust it to keep me warm." Etc. Honestly, to be able to put on a dress, cover my legs and head out into the cold? I wouldn't really care if it was dorky, nerdy, flattering or not. It beats the dorky fashion faux-pas of wearing snow pants to work (which is what I did last winter).

And you? Would you or wouldn't you?
Credit: Toast Skirt

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