Geekmas: Last Minute Gift Ideas

Now I know this doesn't describe any of you, but let's just say, hypothetically, that it was down to the last few shopping hours before the big day, and you aren't done your shopping yet. There's really no time left to order anything, and you have to bite the bullet and hit the dreaded mall with all the other grumbling last-minute shoppers.

What to get? Well, if you're shopping for a geek, you're likely best to hit an electronics, gaming or toy store in these final hours and grab something useful or totally nerdy. Here's a grab bag of ideas:
  • A nerdy board game like Settlers of Catan or Cards Against Humanity
  • A stuffed toy representing their favourite sci-fi show or cartoon (like the fan squishy AT-AT my colleague @mhellstern got me, or how about a cuddly tardis? And honestly, you can never go wrong with a sock monkey!)
  • A funky notebook, like a Lego moleskine
  • A portable charger to keep their gadgets going all day
  • Halo4, GTA5 or COD Ghost for the shoot'em'up types
  • Some crazy character socks
  • Lego! (I haven't met a nerd who didn't enjoy tearing into a mini-figpack to find out what's inside)
  • Remote control or automated anything (cars, helicopters, HEX bugs)
  • Sci-fi books
  • Retro anything (vinyl, 80s movies, classic sci-fi posters)
  • Themed lunch boxes, bags or wallets
  • Zombie anything
  • ... Let your imagination (or that overwhelming sense of urgency) drive you.
Gift cards for any of these are always a good option, but at least include a token. Try a visit to your local comic book or gaming shop for trinkets you can include along with your card.

It's almost time, people! Run!

Star Wars plush (Credit: ThinkGeek)

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