Geekmas: My Pixel People Are Teeny Gifts That Do Good

Today's Geekmas idea is one of those dorky, fun items that hits you right in the feelings: If you haven't heard of it before, there is a fantastic charity project called My Pixel People run by a local Ottawa youngster (who goes by the name of @lower_case on the Twitters, so dubbed by his dad @ALL_CAPS).

My Pixel People aims to raise funds for Toy Mountain which in turn provides toys to kids in need during the holiday season. Seriously, a kid who took it upon himself to help other less fortunate kids? So. Much. Like.

Now, the Pixel People are completely adorkable. They're made with those little plastic beads you iron to make them stick together (like Perler beads), and the result is something like this:

My Pixel People - Violet
Or this:
My Pixel People - Edgar

Or this:
My Pixel People - Christmas Party Pack
Now, I'm pretty sure that @ALL_CAPS had something to do with the descriptions on the site, because they are a little too full of (fun) snark for a little to come up with on their own:
The Christmas Party Pack has everything you need to celebrate the Christmas season. Includes one each of the following:
Portly Red-Suited Gentleman of Holiday Cheer
Fair-Trade Elf
Airborn Ungulate
Potato or coal (trust us…it's not the, uh, other thing)

Oh, and because they're apparently not cute enough on their own, they all come with a custom card on which @Lower_Case indicates each pixel person's name by hand. This year, @Lower_case is trying to raise $1,500 (more than double his $700 from last year) and he's currently at $850 with 2 weeks left to go.

Perfect Geekmas item: because I love the idea of stocking stuffers that do good. (It gets ya in the feelings, people. In the feelings.)

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