Geekmas: Transformers on Their Feet aka Nike Megatron Trainers

Shoes. High tops. Kicks. They-cost-how-much?!

Whatever you call them, sneakers are serious business. And some of the designs are completely over the top ridiculous, like these:

Nike CJ81 Megatron Trainers (Credit:
Those, my nerds, are Nike's Megatron trainers. Like, as in Transformers. See the Decepticon insignia on the tongue?

Huh? Wha? Is there a movie coming out that I didn't know about?
Surprisingly, no.

It would seem, for those of you who follow football that there is a player by the name of Calvin Johnson, Jr. who has been dubbed Megatron on the field and in the name of marketing to honour his mad skillz, Nike has developed a shoe. According to the Nike announcement:
Nike Football champions the TRANSFORMERS “More Than Meets the Eye” qualities of Calvin Johnson, Jr. by teaming up with Hasbro on the Nike CJ81 Megatron Trainer Max...

Calvin Johnson, Jr. has redefined the wide-receiver position and become an un-guardable force with a powerful nickname - MEGATRON. Like the fictional TRANSFORMERS DECEPTICON leader, Johnson taps into his superhuman-like skills to push the limits of his position, and the game, in a relentless quest for dominance.
Sure. All I read was blah, blah, blah, marketing.

Let's get back to the point.

Transformers shoes!!!

Check them out in all their geeky glory below:

Nike CJ81 Megatron Trainers (Credit:
Surprisingly, they aren't much more expensive than other trainers, although that makes me wonder about their actual quality. Granted, these are for show, not sports ;) But be warned, there is one catch: it looks like Nike issued these as a short term release, so if you really want a pair, you won't find any on Nike's website. You're better off heading to Ebay instead.

Source: Kicks On Fire

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