Kewl Video Alert: The History and The Future of Everything

It's that mid-holiday hangover, when you're tired, relaxed and probably not interested in reading some long treatise about science or technology. Let's face it, whether you're back at work today or still lounging in your purple plaid flannel bathrobe (maybe that's just me), a video is probably more up your alley. And boy did I find a good one.

The History and The Future of Everything is one of those "holy-cow-I-am-nothing-but-a-speck" type of videos. When you see our existence on the continuum of things that have come before and will come after, you might be driven to drop everything and seek a life of immediate fulfilment. But let's not be hasty folks; as small and insignificant as we are to the big picture, we still have to deal with bill collectors (especially this time of year ;)

Either way, sit back and enjoy!

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