The Chemistry of Cookies (video)

By brainloc on (Bob Smith) (stock.xchng)
[CC-BY-2.5 via Wikimedia Commons
Oh, cookies. My one true weakness. In our house we have a fondness for my mom's chocolate chip cookie recipe, using combinations of Skor and milk chocolate chips, white chocolate and macadamia nuts, or milk chocolate and pecans... Mmmm. So what makes cookies so darned good? SCIENCE!

This fantastic video from Ted-Ed shows how a cookie's structural composition changes from raw dough to scrumptious treat throughout the baking process, and explains why baking at higher temperatures could yield even better cookies due to caramelization. For example, my mom's recipe calls for a 375 degree oven and pre-melted butter, which makes them caramelize even more.

Now the last thing we need in this house is more treats, since the holidays are officially over, but I have to admit that every time I watch this video, I want to head into the kitchen and bake a batch. Can you just smell the NOM?

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