Watch the 15 Sundance Festival 2014 Short Film Nominees (Right now!)

Sundance Film Festival 2014 Logo
If you're not in Utah right now, you might be so distracted by the Polar Vortex that you might have forgotten the Sundance Festival is going on right now (ends this Sunday Jan.26).

While I wish I could log onto the Sundance site and watch the screenings live, I did discover something fun: there is an official Sundance Festival YouTube Channel where you can watch a playlist of all 15 short films nominated for Sundance awards, along with other behind-the-scenes footage and interviews. I particularly enjoyed "Metube: August Sings Carmen 'Habanera'" especially around 2:25 :) and was a little (lot?) disturbed by "Tim and Susan have matching handguns".

I actually have had Sundance on the brain for quite a few weeks due to a Kickstarter project I supported last year for a documentary about Aaron Swart, called "The Internet's Own Boy". Much to director Brian Knappenberger's surprise, the doc was accepted to Sundance (speeding up his timeline a bit). And I've been anticipating seeing the doc after the even. Aaron's is an important story to tell and I plan to post about the doc when it gets formally released.

Meantime, if you want to know more about Aaron's legacy, you can check out the list of related posts below and watch this trailer for The Internet's Own Boy:

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