Kewl Design Alert: Pi Gets All Gorgeous In These Nerdy Art Prints

I love when patterns appear where you would least expect them. Like when you find the fibonacci sequence in the pattern of a sunflower's seeds or the petals of a dahlia. Or when someone takes the time to map the first 10,000 digits of Pi on a circle and comes up with this:

Flow of Life Flow of Pi - White (Credit: Christian Vasile)

Or this:

Flow of Life Flow of Pi - Black (Credit: Christian Vasile)

Aren't those gorgeous? And perfect for your favourite nerd's home or office. Anyone else suddenly nostalgic for Spirographs?

You can pick up prints of varying styles from artist, Christian Vasile on Fine Art America. (Prices aere reasonable too, starting around $20 for a 10x10" print.)

(Source: Cool Infographics)

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