Kewl Site Alert: Build With Chrome Puts 3D Lego in Your Browser

Here's a fun little site that should keep you your kids busy during downtimes at work on a rainy day: Build With Chrome.

Build With Chrome is a web app, essentially an in-browser Lego environment, where you are given access to a series of bricks in a variety of colours, and a nice clean build plate to work from. It's basically a virtual (and bottomless) Lego bin! According to the Chrome blog, it was originally an experiment from an Aussie dev team and was subsequently opened up for public use.

Here's what your workspace looks like:
Build With Chrome screenshot

You can also partake in the Lego Build Academy which offers a series of tutorials for learning advanced Lego tricks. Or explore other people's builds by clicking on a global map. There's some pretty neat stuff in there; thousands of creations from all over the world! Definitely full of ideas for rainy day building. And no chance of accidentally stepping on a brick ;)

Careful, though. It's addictive...

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