THIS WEEKEND: Ottawa Geek Market Winter Edition

Ottawa Geek market Logo
This weekend is going to be one of the nerdiest weekends in Ottawa this year (well, ok, until ComicCon Ottawa in May). It's time for the Ottawa Geek Market!

What's the Ottawa Geek Market?

First of all, shame on you for even asking that question.

Secondly, I forgive you since you seem genuinely interested in finding out.

Ottawa Geek Market is like the expo part of ComicCon. It's essentially a nerdy shopping experience where vendors hock their geeky wares over two days. The best part is that it's not limited to the nerd stores like The Comic Book Shoppe or Wizard's Tower; it also features artisans, a gaming area, kewl geeky displays and a portion of the ticket price goes to charity. So, yes, you might pay a nominal fee to get in the door but your money goes to a good cause.

Last year's event included local faves like ParLUGment (the local adult Lego club), Capital City Garrison (Star Wars cosplayers), Steampunk Ottawa and tons of others.

Why should I go?

If the sheer geekiness isn't enough, then here are some additional incentives:
  • It's massively cheaper than other geeky events. I have problems spending money to get into events where your sole goal is basically to spend more money. At $10, and most of it going to charity, this event certainly doesn't break the bank. And kids under 12 are free.
  • It's not just about shopping. You can show up in cosplay and mingle with other cosplayers, game, check out displays (in particular a huge Lego display by ParLUGment) and just generally be among my your people.
  • There's a massive Lego clearance sale. Seriously, Geek Etc. has Lego for 50-90% off. That alone is worth the admission fee. Someone has a birthday next month. (Ahem, not the Dude. Me.)
  • There's a charitable Silent Auction. Funds go to the Royal Ottawa Foundation for Mental Health.
As much as I think it would be fun to hang around the whole weekend, we have family commitments on Saturday. But The Dude and I will be checking it out on Sunday and are very excited! Maybe we'll see you there (at Nepean Sportsplex)?

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