Tooks Hats With Built-In Headphones Are Perfect For The Winter Commute

On the bus, I am usually doing one of two things: staring at my phone or listening to podcasts (often while staring at my phone). On busy commutes, especially, I like to pop in my headphones and get my podcast on. Unfortunately, I'm often standing on those busy commutes, using one hand to hold my stuff and the other to hold onto the bus. Which means, it can be awkward to fish my headphones out of my bag, let alone get them into my ears without, dropping anything important. Which is why I love the idea of these:

Tooks Ivy hat with built-in headphones (Credit: Tooks)

Tooks Flapjac hat with built-in headphones (Credit: Tooks)
These, my nerds, are TOOKS hats with built-in headphones.

Compared to some of the other similar items I have found online, these are among my favourite designs since they are both stylish and inexpensive ($24.99 and $29.99 respectively). And the headphones are removable for washing, in case you were wondering.

But I think that I had more than a little bit of nerd glee when I read where the Tooks name came from. According to the website,
If you’re wondering how Tooks got its name, pronounced like the number 2, it’s derived from the French-Canadian word for a beanie hat which is “tuque” or “touque”. This was transformed into Tooks for a more modern look and feel. Take off eh.
Oddly enough, after that description, they are actually produced in the US. (Wha?)

If you want to check out all the styles, there are more on the TooksHats website. (Pro Tip: Check out the About Us page for a coupon code.)

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