March Break Fun: Build One of These Mini-Crossbows

At our house, it's March Break! Vacation w00t!!

How do you spend your March Break? We will be doing outdoorsy things and nerdy things alike throughout the next 10 days. For example, we will me making our own yogurt with my Dad's yogurt machine and our own lactose-free milk. Science full of noms... my favourite kind.

And if it gets a little too cold to head outdoors, we are definitely going to try out building our own mini-crossbow.

Project 1: The Lethally Fun Mini-Crossbow

The video below is handy and full of instructions, and the work definitely requires adult supervision what with all the potential for harm by digging though bottle caps with screwdrivers. But once the dangerous work is done, the kids can take over and finish the project.

Now make sure you watch the whole video to see it in action because, holy cow, this thing is downright lethal! (The flaming arrows probably don't help this point although anyone else think those might be fun to shoot at snowballs in the back yard???)

I think they just show you the deadly power to make a point: this is definitely to be used with Q-Tips and pointed away from faces. I am thinking we need to set up a Lego army and take them out one by one. What will you use for target practice?

If you like this project, there are links to videos for making a flaming bow and arrow and a pop bottle boat at the end as well.

Project 2: The Lego Mini-Crossbow

Ok, so that one might not be appropriate if you've got Littles (or hell, kids in general). So how about this one made of the world's greatest toy: LEGO! And it even shoots Lego pieces, albeit at a much slower velocity than the toothpick assassination device above.

This one is not only safer, but you can hack it even if you don't have the right pieces. Because, LEGO.

Happy March Break! (Now go build something!)

(Source: The Awesomer)

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