Han Solo in Carbonite Rug is The Ultimate in Nerd Decor

I love me some Han Solo in Carbonite artifacts.

Like this iThing case.
And this ice cube tray.
And of course the coffee table.

And now, ThinkGeek is offering this:

Han Solo in Carbonite Rug (Credit: ThinkGeek)
The Han Solo in Carbonite area rug.

Sooper silly nerdy Star Wars loving fun. And I would love to have it in the the Dude's playroom. (I kind of want to hang it on the wall to keep it nice :) although ThinkGeek suggests that you make it a hallway runner to let people know not to mess with you when they enter your home. Hmm...

Here's a better view. Check out ThinkGeek for full details.

Han Solo in Carbonite rugs (Credit: ThinkGeek)
Love. Love. Love. Would you ever put something this blatantly nerdy in your house? I would; but I think I might have a tough time getting hubby to agree. For now, I will just covet it online. (And if you *do* get one, I want to see an action shot!)

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