Let's Talk Tech Adoption in the Workplace: Join me for #MobileChat tonight! (Updated)

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A few weeks ago, I wrote about my recent experiences with tech adoption in the workplace. I participated in a tablet trial at work, and had some general thoughts about the way technology is rolled out to employees, from expectation-setting through training and the resulting (or not) organizational change.

Since then, I was approached by Patrick Goodman of @RedeApp who hosts a weekly Twitter chat called #MobileChat to discuss my thoughts on the experience and on how companies can better integrate tech into the workplace.

Here's a snippet from the RedEApp blog post about tonight's discussion:
How much do you like change in general and at work in particular?

It’s ok, you can admit it. You know you savor the announcement of yet another new HR policy or that memo still sitting on your desk for putting the cover sheet on your TPS-reports.

What about change in the workplace around new technology, especially around mobile? We have discussed topics before on #MobileChat about BYOD, BYOC (Bring Your Own “Cloud”), MDM (mobile device management), etc. Those discussions were mostly about the device. What I want us to consider more in depth is the behavioral human dynamics that happen when new technology – both software and hardware – are introduced into a company and how to plan and prepare for a successful launch and long-term adoption of the employee base.
[Aside: TPS reports. Hehe.]

Now, I'm not claiming that this particular experience makes me any sort of expert, but I have worked a long time in high tech and been through numerous cycles where new tech was brought into the workplace (e.g. corporate Intranets, collaboration tools, VPN networks, mobile devices) and I've spent several years as a Business Analyst documenting requirements and implementing custom software systems and websites. Living through both of those types of implementations has taught me a lot about how people perceive new technology, both on the implementer side and on the receiving side. (Not to mention, my interest is user experiences is why I have been involved with UXCamp Ottawa since its inception.)

Rest assured, you won't have to listen to me drone for an hour: this will be a chat so I expect that many other people will be around to share their own experiences as well, which is what makes these types of event so much fun: seeing what we can come up with, together!

If you're interested in the topic, join (or lurk!) on the discussion by logging into Twitter and following #MobileChat TONIGHT between 9:00-10:00pm EDT.

UPDATE: If you would like to check out the breathless action, here is a link to the MobileChat Storify which includes all the tweets from our discussion.

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