Nerdy Thing To Do This Weekend: Ottawa Regional Science Fair

Ottawa Regional Science Fair logo
If you're looking for the Dude and I tomorrow morning, we'll be at Carleton U Raven's Nest checking out the Ottawa Regional Science Fair.

And if you want to do the same, you've only got two opportunities to check out the projects: public viewing is today (Friday) from 2-4pm or tomorrow (Saturday) from 9:00-11:30am.

Science fairs have come a long way since I first built a flashlight in grade 4. In fact, I was often blown away by some of the projects my peers came up with. The most memorable project in high school was by 2 sisters who studied hydroponics as a method for growing food on the space station and actually filed (and received) patents for their work! What an achievement by the age of 16.

This year the Fair has adopted the Canada-Wide Science Fair project categories which means moving from discipline-based projects (biotech, engineering and computer sciences, etc.) to 7 themes (which frankly, sound more challenging):
  • Discovery - create new knowledge by asking a question and using scientific inquiry to develop an answer;
  • Energy - improve our use of current energy resources, transition to alternative sources or reduce our footprint;
  • Environment - reduce our impact, improve our understanding, ensure the quality of air, water, soil and the diversity of living things;
  • Health - increase understanding of the human body, improve health, control disease or support aging population;
  • Information - enhance communication using digital and networking technologies or new media;
  • Innovation - develop a new material, structure, device or system to solve a problem or improve an exiting solution;
  • Resources - develop better ways to use our natural resources for sustainability or prosperity.   

Needless to say, I'm pretty excited about the projects we'll get to see tomorrow. And naturally, I have a bit of a not-so-hidden agenda in bringing the Dude with me: exposing him to all of the great thinking and work being done by kids only a few years older than he is right now. He's always so excited when he walks away from these types of events; my guess is that on some subconscious level, seeing what other kids are capable of open his mind to his own potential.

And, hey, a nerdy outing? What a perfect way to spend a Saturday morning ;)

(Don't worry, though: If you can't make it, just watch my tweet stream for updates.)

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