Retro Nerdery: 8-Bit Version of The Fifth Element

Ask almost any geek to recite a list of their favourite movies and The Fifth Element might not show up. However, mention it casually in a conversation and you're likely to hear someone quickly quip: "moolteepass" or "cheekaaaan," two of Leeloo's catch phrases. Yes, as annoying as Chris Tucker's Ruby Rhod was, we all invariably loved his breathless banter, especially his wails of "Korben m'man!" throughout the inevitable battle scene on the space cruiseship. From the crazy costumes to the key phrases, yes, The Fifth Element has definitely become part of geek lore.

And this 8-bit version by CineFix pretty much sums up all the key scenes except I wish they'd included one where we had to place all the stones in the temple. And the chicken scene. And the one where Leeloo learns everything really quickly (ok, that's the same scene). What do you think they missed?

(Source: Nerdist)

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